About Us


About Us

The V1 Engineering team specializes in a hands-on approach to hardware systems. We have worked on projects in all phases, from research and development to mature technologies, for clients ranging from startups to established industry leaders. We excel at bringing ideas from proof-of-concept to benchtop prototype through to commercial readiness. We bring:

  • the technical depth for early R&D and theoretical design,
  • the practical knack to prototype and iterate quickly,
  • the fabrication capability to build pilot- and field-ready equipment,
  • the manufacturing background to design for production and industrial implementation, and
  • the flexibility to work remotely or on-site, independently or in close collaboration with your team

We are particularly passionate about hardware, manufacturing, and clean energy. There is room for innovation even in industrial systems! We have 8 prior startups between us, some still running and some already bought and sold, so we've seen some of everything and are familiar with the needs of fast-paced technology growth. Any day that we get to build products and build companies is a good day - let's build together!


Melinda Sims, PhD

Melinda Sims is a builder and tinkerer at heart. She has a PhD and S.M. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, where she focused her research on product design, advanced manufacturing techniques, and statistical data analysis of process control systems. Previously, she worked at Zeeco designing landfill gas flare systems and received her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University. After graduation she co-founded a startup in Boston, and then continued in the entrepreneurial world focusing on mechanical design of new product lines.

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Michael Hale, PhD

Michael Hale has a PhD and an MS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, and has spent his entire career working on challenging engineering projects, from early research and design through commercial developmenmt. He brings expertise in product design and
control systems, and has focused on energy and waste systems for the past 25 years. Michael previously designed and built the world's first economical, small-scale municipal sludge dryer system with remote monitoring and operation, as President and Principal Consultant at Aslan Environmental Services, Inc. Previously, Michael was a research member at IBM's TJ Watson Research Center.

Keith Hale

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Mark Frost

Mark is an experienced machinist, welder, and carpenter, skilled at evaluating, building, and testing new designs. He has worked with his hands all his life - from construction projects, to boatyards, to warehouses, to machine shops. He fabricates and assembles complex mechanical systems, and also keeps the PhDs grounded in the practical real world. Since 2005 he has held various engineering positions at large facilities, including the GAP, Inc.'s manufacturing plant in Fishkill, NY, and at smaller engineering and waste energy management firms, designing and building prototypes and leading the construction of large commercial mechanical systems.


Additional Expertise

The broader V1 Engineering team includes specialists in:

  • electrical engineering
    • PCB design
    • firmware
    • software development
  • patent drafting
  • fundraising, and
  • business development

Whatever the needs of the project, we can bring together the resources and talent required.