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Energy Projects

I would think of us as development partners - which means that you tell me what you need and the desired timeline, and then we'll turn that into a project scope and pricing and we'll get it done for you (or with you, in collaboration). We can do anything from initial testing of the membranes, all the way to design and fabrication of the whole pilot equipment skid. Estimating hours is helpful in thinking about the value of the work, but from my side I'll figure out how to use my team to get to the necessary milestones.

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Biogas Dryer

Project: Kingston Biosolids Dryer

Client: City of Kingston, NY

Phase: Full commercial operation

The City of Kingston, NY, partnered the Aslan Group and succeeded in developing a new and innovative system for managing wastewater treatment plant solids residuals in an economical and environ- mentally sound manner. The first system of its kind in the world has successfully been in operation at the Kingston Wastewater Treatment Plant since April 2007. Waste biogas is captured from the plant's digesters and utilized as the only required fuel to turn 10 wet tons per day of municipal wastewater sludge into two tons per day of an EPA recognized "Class A" EQ pelletized usable biosolid.

The drying technology selected was previously proven in large scale dryers in Brugges and Antwerp, Belgium, and in Baltimore, Maryland. Aslan initiated an energy evaluation of the overall plant operations and integrated this solution to the existing plant. The entire system then needed to be scaled down to meet the needs of the smaller Kingston operation. The operating system also needed to be updated to allow for automated operations. Since startup, the plant has hosted many tours of the new operational model.

Measurable environmental benefits of this innovative project include:
• Removing a 6-8 ft. high arc burning methane, sulfur and mercaptan compounds. Biogas is now burned in a furnace and used as a heat source for the drying process;
• Reducing tens of thousands of yards or tons of "Class B" waste solids from being landfilled annually;
• Reducing truck traffic by 70 trips per year;

Key Skills:
scouting, problem/need identification market analysis
technology development
proof of concept testing
business creation
technology design
sales and marketing public/private partnership fabrication
operation and maintenance

Methane Control System

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Energy Harvesting

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