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Hardware Design and Development


We love to build.

The V1 Engineering team specializes in a hands-on approach to hardware systems. We work on projects ranging from early R&D to mature technologies, for clients spanning startups to established industry leaders. Our speciality is fast and focused prototype design cycles, to bring an idea from proof-of-concept up to commercial readiness. We bring:

  • technical depth for early R&D and theoretical design,

  • the practical knack to prototype and iterate quickly,

  • fabrication capability to build pilot- and field-ready equipment,

  • the manufacturing background to design for production and industrial implementation, and

  • the flexibility to work remotely or on-site, independently or in close collaboration with your team

We are particularly passionate about industrial equipment, manufacturing, and energy systems. As entrepreneurs ourselves we have 8 prior startups between us, some still growing and some already sold, so we are familiar with the needs of fast-paced technology development. Let's build together!



Seattle, WA

Lakeland, FL

Fishkill, NY


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Areas of Expertise



Product design

Industrial equipment

Wireless and IoT Solutions


Energy systems





Every project has a unique blend of technical requirements and business needs - so we stay flexible! A variety of services are available around product design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing to fit your needs. Consultations are always available to help you decide which services will accomplish your goals. We can work independently or in close collaboration with your team, with hourly or fixed project rates, and with startups we can also collaborate as strategic equity partners.


  • Technical Requirements Analysis

  • Idea Feasibility Study

  • Design & Product Cost Estimation

  • Technology & Component Research

  • Concept Generation and Sketches

  • Testing

    • Design of Experiments

    • Lab Bench Data Collection

    • Field Testing

  • Iterative Design Cycles

Prototyping and Engineering

  • Prototyping

    • Functional Works-Like

    • Aesthetic Looks-Like

    • Rapid Prototyping

  • Mechanical Design

    • 3D CAD Modeling and Rendering

    • Fabrication

  • Electronic Design

    • Circuit Design

    • PCB Layout

  • Software Development

    • Firmware

    • Embedded Systems

    • Web/Mobile/Cloud Programming

  • Industrial Design

    • UX/UI

    • Enclosure Design

Fabrication and Manufacturing

  • Design for Manufacturing

  • Full Machine Shop Facilities

  • Packaging & Assembly

  • Fabrication and Low-volume Manufacturing

  • PCB Manufacturing

  • Enclosure Detailing & Finish

  • Vendor Selection

  • Outsourced High-Volume Manufacturing

  • Product Life-cycle Analysis