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  • Machine design

  • Advanced manufacturing

  • Process control systems, statistical data collection

  • Entrepreneurial business plan development and fundraising

  • PhD and S.M. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, minor in Entrepreneurship

  • Previously:

    • Co-founder and CTO of Loci Controls, Inc

    • Director of Technology for Energy Intelligence, Inc

    • Designed landfill gas flare systems at Zeeco, Inc

stole the kitchen blender for a project. Then the toaster. No longer allowed to appropriate household supplies.



  • Research direction, early innovation guidance and identification

  • Industrial hardware, commercial development

  • Product design

  • Control system theory and application

  • Deep expertise in energy and waste systems

  • PhD and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT

  • Previously:

    • President of Aslan Environmental Services, Inc. Designed and built the world's first economical, small-scale municipal sludge dryer system with remote monitoring and operation.

    • President of Aslan Control Systems, Inc

    • Research member at IBM's TJ Watson Research Center

Once bought a hardware store because he was tired of never having the right bolt.



  • CAD modeling, blueprints, production drawings

  • Experiment design and test rig development

  • Pump and rotating equipment design, fabrication, and maintenance

  • Robotics integration

  • Experience in oil and gas industry

  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University

  • Previously:

    • Product Development Engineer at Gardner Denver Pumps

    • Product Engineer at 3M manufacturing plant

His Superpower is gracefully folding his 6’4” frame into His Miata Sports Cars



  • Field testing, on-site support and maintenance

  • Mechanic and shop experience

    • Automotive Wiring

    • Engine Tuning Certification

    • Engine Blueprinting

    • Welding and machining

    • Suspension set-up, analyzing temperature data

  • Motorcycle Racing, Drag Track, Circuit Track

    • Compressed Air Heat Exchanger Modeling

    • Maintenance Programs

  • Automotive design and repair

  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Oklahoma State University

  • Previously:

    • Toured with Hallett Race Shop

    • Provided engineering consulting on the SCCA National circuit

    • Engineering Intern at BASF

    • Engineering Intern at Loci Controls, Inc

Flipped his first craigslist motorbike project at age 10.



  • Machining

  • Welding

  • Mechanic and automotive work

  • Carpentry

  • Evaluation, building, and testing of new designs

  • Fabrication and assembly of complex mechanical systems

  • Previously:

    • has worked with his hands all his life - from construction projects, to boat yards, to warehouses, to machine shops. Has held various engineering positions, including at GAP, Inc.'s manufacturing plant in Fishkill, NY and at smaller engineering and waste energy management firms.

In A Race to see who can collect data first, generally CAN build and test Before the PhDs even finish the theoretical calculationS.


Additional Expertise

The broader V1 Engineering team includes specialists in:

  • electrical engineering

    • PCB design

    • firmware

    • software development

  • patent drafting

  • grant proposals

  • fundraising, and

  • business development

Whatever the needs of the project, we can bring together the resources and talent required.